Saturday, October 23, 2010

African Tote Bag/Purse

I loved these fabrics the first moment I saw them. They came in a kit to make this purse and I had to have it. The sample purse in the store had matching "pictures" on both ends of the purse, meaning you had to use two panels for one purse, and then have a bunch of leftover "pictures". I changed the pockets on the outside of the purse in order to use all the pictures on a panel of fabric. I also wanted different sizes of pockets on the outside.

One of those pockets was wider than the given measurements for the "ends" of the purse, so that meant making a wider bottom. That ended up changing the measurements for the inside lining pockets too, AFTER I had already sewn them. It turned out to be a happy mistake though, as I then had four skinny slots on the inside corners that are perfect for storing pens in the purse. No hunting for them.

Here is the back of the purse.

Anyway, I just love how it turned out...I am so organized with all these pockets. And this is my favorite thing on the purse...the chicken button.