Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. Each Spring I am obsessed with taking pictures of them. I love this shot, though it is not my fave from today's photo shoot. My favorite is being saved for My Flower Book. About a week ago I learned that Snapfish and other photo websites will make actual hardbound or spiral books of your photos for you! I am making it my mission to put together my best flower photos for my own book this year. So much fun! The hard part will be picking out the best ones.



Here's another favorite. Johnny Jump Ups. They "volunteer" like crazy. The year before last, I let them go to seed in our newly re-seeded grass, so last Spring I had a "meadow" for a front yard. It was a beautiful one time experiment. The most common color has the deep, deep purple top petals. I love the pale mutated pastel ones delicate looking.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Fever

It was a warm Spring day today, so I decided a visit to my local nursery would be wonderful for my soul. I didn't intend to buy anything, but I found a very pretty colored glass wasp trap, which I couldn't pass up.

Wasp Catcher

The past couple of years we have had a bad problem with wasps taking up residence in our bunny cages. We don't have bunnies anymore, but I'm not ready to say "We will never have bunnies again." and so I'm not going to get rid of the cages. But I don't want wasps either. The cages sit behind the clothes lines and last year I could only use one line of the clothes lines because of the wasps and the volunteer sunflowers that grew under the clotheslines. Got stung once. The sunflowers attracted the wasps I'm sure, but I love to photograph the little yellow finches that come to feed on the sunflowers, and the bees and ladybugs too.


Ladybug on Sunflower

Speaking of ladybugs, I also found a cute little ladybug windspinner for the pergola and two packets of sweet pea seeds that I couldn't resist. I love the smell of sweet peas.


I seem to be on a garden accessories binge lately. Last week I bought wind chimes, something I've always been afraid would annoy me after a while. So far they are not.


A garden stake that glows in the dark and a sectional fence for the strawberry garden might have also been purchased.

Dragon Fly Stake